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The Dog House Megaways reviews

Play with our little brothers - dogs, in a cool machine The Dog House Megaways from Pragmatic Play. A dog house will appear on your game screen, to which you can roll the dice and earn great gifts. The gameplay consists of six reels, each of which has five positions and an incredible amount of line payouts, in addition you can find Wild, SDogter and free spins. Here you can have a cool time with your favorite pets and come back with big winnings.

In Megaways slots you'll find a large number of symbols on each of the presented reels changing with each spin. Therefore, the number of theoretical possibilities, which are called Megaways, changes from spin to spin. Such machines have high volatility, so they are unpredictable and may not give out winnings for a long time. It's worth reading the reviews of real users to draw conclusions about whether you should try to play the famous machine from the company Pragmatic Play.

Dog House Megaways reviews


Piter, 29 years old / 02.11.2022 / star icon5
Dog House is a popular online slot machine known for its unique game mechanics and the potential for big winnings. This game is designed by Pragmatic Play, being part of their Megaways series, which has different positions, signs on each, which offers many potential ways to win on each spin. I love everything here!
Lewis / 02.28.2023 / star icon5
In the Dog House casino machine, visitors appear in a cute, colorful world where they can spin the machine and try to get winning combinations of symbols. The game features high quality graphics and a fun theme centered around a group of adorable dogs living in a cozy wild house. If you want a chance to make a lot of money - you've come to the right place to make a wild freespin.
Boris, 27 years old. / 05.03.2023 / star icon5
One of the key features of the slot is its Megaways game mechanics, which offers up to 117,649 ways to win on each spin. This is an incredible figure that is achieved by using a different number of icon positions on each reel, which can change with each spin. This adds a bonus element of excitement and unpredictability to the RTP game, as we never know exactly how many ways to earn in each individual spin.
Alexei, 31 years old. / 06.12.2022 / star icon5
In addition to the Megaways game mechanics, the slot also offers a number of other exciting features to keep visitors interested. These include major free freespins, multipliers of the "sticky wild symbols" feature, which allows wilds to stay here for several spins. Just top up your deposit with free freespins after you sign up.
Anna, 41 years old. / 08.01.2023 / star icon5
The way I see it, this casino machine is a fun, exciting game that's sure to appeal to a wide range of players, if that's what I'm into. With its unique Megaways game mechanics, cute colorful theme with the potential for big payouts its definitely worth a try. Just remember to always play responsibly within your means.
Sebastian, 35 / 08.12.2022 / star icon5
Dog House is a colorful bright online slot machine that takes customers into a cute playful world where you can spin the reels and try to get winning combinations of symbols. The action unfolds in a cozy kennel filled with adorable dogs, each with their own unique personality and charm. Awesome machine, very beautiful!
Casey, 40. / 09.02.2023 / star icon5
One of the key features of the casino slot is the use of Megaways game mechanics, which offers a different number of rows and symbols on each to provide a bunch of potential ways to earn on each spin. This adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the game, as well as new bonuses, as players never know exactly how many ways they will have to win on each individual spin of the freespins.
Michael, 36. / 10.11.2022 / star icon5
All symbols in the slot are based on different types of dogs, and each token has a unique design and color scheme. There are also special symbols such as jokers and scatters that activate additional features and help players take winning combinations. Bonuses are your everything, they're completely free, so it's best to take them after registering on the site.
Stanislav, 24 years old. / 11.02.2023 / star icon5
Overall, the Dog House slot is a fun, exciting game that is sure to please a variety of users. The theme is fun, it will go for almost all players who love pets. Learn tactics and strategies, stick to the principles of reasonable tactics, you will definitely succeed! Get freespins on your deposit. Sometimes it's worth watching a review, it's even better than watching a demo.
Valeriya, 25 / 11.10.2022 / star icon5
To enter casino promotional codes (to get Frispins) for games and bonuses gambling customers can use a special department, which can be found in your account. Most of the reviews, if you look here, are positive, and for good reason - the developer Pragmatic Play tried his best. Bonuses are also cool, do not forget about it There is feedback from the technical support, they answer quickly, it is normal.
Maria, 28 years old / 12.01.2023 / star icon5
Really nice nice slot. Despite the fact that I personally like the format of live slots, where there are real croupiers, this video slot awesome! Winnings do not make you wait, and with so much money can be cool to hang out. To deposit, you can use any payment system that supports your casino. New versions of slots and bonuses are available even in the program for smartphones. You can easily come in to play, it takes very little time.
Milana / 12.04.2023 / star icon5
New slots and casino bonuses for winnings on the entertainment program will always be waiting for you, as now is the best time to go in and start betting to get the first prize without blocking. So if you like to take risks and you are interested in machines and getting all sorts of bonuses, it is important to make the first deposit, taking the gift, otherwise it will be gone.
Igor, 24 years old. / 13.01.2023 / star icon5
You can log in to the casino using your browser, as well as activate your profile. To get the maximum profit from the slot, you need to act according to the plan. I like that tech support responds quickly, and to get a promo code for the deposit you can write to them, if they have extra - they will definitely share it with you. The size of the field is 6x5, pretty standard, it's better if you make your own conclusions.
Alice, 24 years old. / 13.12.2022 / star icon5
To enter a promo code on the site for games and bonuses, gambling customers use a special department in their personal cabinet. Many reviews at this casino, unlike other casual establishments that are designed to entertain, are good. You can quickly get feedback from tech support, they answer quickly and normally. I would like to see a response from those who leave comments, this casino does not pay out money on time?
Dmitry, 28 years old. / 15.03.2023 / star icon5
I've been playing online casinos for years, and all that time I've been fond of poker and roulette. Nevertheless, sometimes I wanted to relax and unwind by playing some slot, where everything depends not only on luck. Launched different reels, but stopped on versions of Dog House and Megaways. Great machines with great graphics and sound, which not only can lift my spirits, but sometimes increase my game account.
Rudolph, 25 years old. / 16.11.2022 / star icon5
I come here in my spare time, when I manage to relax for a couple of hours after work, I spin it, hoping for a bonus. It's interesting they made a system with the slot wilds, that there are rainy/sticky ones. They bring big dividends, for example, me with a bet of 200 rubles paid by 30k. Not bad, isn't it))) Such odds, though rare, but still occur. I don't care. I like everything here, the atmosphere and the management are great.
Mark / 17.03.2023 / star icon5
I've been signed up for PariMatch for years, even got many of my friends and acquaintances hooked on gambling software. Here recently came across a slot casino Dog House. Quite a long time playing in the free first part, although at first it seemed to me that the slot is not mine - too he cartoon. However, now I understand that I want to try the second part, really got me, the atmosphere is cool.
Vladislav, 26 years old. / 17.11.2022 / star icon5
I really like cute pets, I love cats, dogs hamsters. So it is not strange that on MostBet I started to activate Dog House from Pragmatic Play. And when I play, my dog comes and lays his head on my lap, I think he shares his luck with me, I am really lucky)) In general I advise to play in the demo first to learn all the subtleties and only after that to start playing for real to increase the deposit.
Anna-Maria, 35 years old. / 20.02.2023 / star icon5
I really like cartoon slots, even when I choose in what would pogemblyat first guided by the level of graphics, music and everything, and then look at the characteristics. Many of my opinion is not shared, but what can you do)). It is these characteristics and I liked the slot from Pragmatic Play. In addition, have you seen the great combinations there with large multipliers? In spite of the fact that I play almost minimal, every day I come out in the plus for 4-6 thousand rubles.
Georg, 42. / 20.12.2022 / star icon5
Regardless of the fact that such colorful slots I usually do not get, I apparently liked Dog House because of the fact that all the same very much like animals. It all started with the fact that in the first run I worked early bonus game and managed to win decently. I do not remember exactly, but something like 20,000 rubles. After that I started to go to the Dog House more often and try my own tactics. In the end, such winnings became quite stable once a week somewhere. As it seems to me for the classic reel for line payouts this is an excellent result.
Marcus, 37 / 21.10.2022 / star icon5
At first I spent a long time studying tactics, strategies for the Dog House, and settled on a fairly rarely used one called Umbrella. I experimented with variations of steps, bets and spins, but in the end I decided for myself on a strategy, with which you can significantly save your bankroll, even if you get into the black. I advise everyone that before you start betting real money for payouts, you need to develop your tactic and stick to it.
Vladimir, 33 years old. / 22.01.2023 / star icon5
Well I couldn't miss such a cute cute dogs, I couldn't miss this machine as soon as I saw it among my assortment at my casino. Now I constantly linger at Dog House Casino and its alternative (or continuation, who knows) with the addition of Megaways casino review (there, of course, everything is much more complicated and somehow twisted, but also trying to understand).
Victor, 27 years old. / 24.11.2022 / star icon5
With the help of minimum bets, you will bet for quite a long time, minimizing your bankroll and greatly increasing the chances of getting the maximum jackpot. Dog House gives you the opportunity to earn consistently with the support of such strategies with little risk. Well, after the bonus, you have to look at the results... keep betting while watching the news, or pause and finish the game session.
Deni, 31. / 26.02.2023 / star icon5
The main page of the site contains all the news provider online. The casino has a high spins Dog House rating, just take the contacts and choose tech support, they will explain everything to you about buying a Rottweiler. You can see the review at any time. Get free freespins, as well as a collar for the cute dog for registering. Rules can be added as information to see the articles later.