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The Dog House Megaways How to Win - Game Secrets

Dog House slot machine is completely dependent on chance, and no one can be sure in advance what will fall a particular combination of symbols or bonus game in each individual session of the game. However, counting on luck is not too reasonable, because there are many peripheral factors that affect the outcome.

For example, choose machines with high rtp and large bonuses, not forgetting the existence of strategies and tactics that, even if not always will bring big wins, but guaranteed to help maintain the value of bankroll, waiting for a moment when there is an opportunity to break the big jackpot with large odds. It's worth familiarizing yourself with the best tactics and strategies in the world of The Dog House Megaways slot, experimenting with them to grasp all the basics of the science of gambling and start winning.

The Dog House Megaways how to win

The Dog House Megaways how to play

Do you still remember what the original four-legged puppies looked like in Pragmatic Play's last slot, The Dog House? It was released in 2019, and it remained in the memory of players forever - so interesting the developers made it. Now the talented guys have made a remake of their game, fixing all the bad moments, filling players' adventures with more payouts, which greatly increased the potential payouts, accompanying the famous slot with the Megaways feature.

The Dog House Megaways slot machine from Pragmatic will delight you with a variety of tokens featuring puppies, and in the game world you'll see six reels that can give visitors up to 117,649 Megaways in total, Wild multipliers and free spins adventures that feature either sticky wilds or rain wilds. That's great news, isn't it? Add to that the maximum payouts from beta to x12305 and you'll find plenty of reasons to come back here again and again. The cute characters of this machine are waiting for you!

The slot welcomes you with different kinds of puppies, which when you fall out of the pictures will greatly increase your bankroll. The same picture of a Rottweiler will give you over x7.5 of the bet. Among other tokens you'll notice other dog breeds, collars, dice and the familiar 10,J,Q,K,A. For example a dog kennel is the wild and if it appears on reels 2,3,4 and 5 you'll earn double or triple the multiplier. If you were able to get a combo with a win and various Wild multipliers, the scores will add up, making you earn a nice score. The game is not at all difficult, so make yourself happy by playing it.

Game Process

In addition to everything else, the main difference in the gameplay of this version lies in its Megaways mechanics. Thanks to this construction of the machine, players can use combinations on 117649 lines at once (at most) due to the fact that up to 10 symbols can be on a single reel simultaneously. As before icons and Wild fall on the middle reel of the slot, but now there is a wild without multipliers. However, the number of scatter was doubled, this differs from the standard version, where they appeared only on the odd reels. Megaways gives the appearance of six at once, one Wild on each reel. In addition, Dog House Megaways has differences in the bonus game, but you'll find out more about it.

Winning lines

The main feature of The Dog House Megaways is the ability to get free spins, which will not need to pay. This option is activated in the following ways. One of them is activated as follows: wait for the appearance on the field to play 3-6 Scatter, which are also called scatter symbols.Another option would be to buy free spins with a special button at a price of 100 bets. It is worth checking reviews in online casinos, there experienced players describe all the pros/cons.

Table of symbols and winnings

Symbols 3 4 5 6
10, J 0,1 0,2 0,4 1
Q, K, A 0,2 0,4 0,6 2
The Bone, Collar 0,3 0,8 1 3
Dachshund 0,1 1 1,5 3
Pug 0,7 1,5 2 4
Shih Tzu 1 2 3 6
Rottweiler 1 4 6 15

The Dog House Megaways Table of symbols and winnings

You can always see an overview on the main page of the site, finding there very popular casino machines. The technical support contacts are located there as well, and if you don't understand anything, they are always ready to explain it to you.

Slot Name The Dog House Megaways
Provider Pragmatic Play
Release Date 20
Theme Animal, Dogs
RTP 96,55%
Volatility High
Minimum bet $0.20
Maximum bet $100
Max. winnings x12,305
Rolls 6
Rows 5
Lines Payouts 117649
Frispins Yes
Jackpot No
Autoplay Yes
Bonus Wild, Freespins, Wilds Rain, Sticky Wilds, Multipliers, Buy Bonus
Platforms PC, Android, iOS

The Dog House Megaways slot bonus game

The bonus game with more freespins can be obtained after scatters appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. After that, your bet will be multiplied by a value of x5, then freespins from 9 to 27 will be randomly awarded, then spins will start with sticky Wild multipliers that you don't even need to spend on. All this will happen automatically, and the bright and attractive animations will delight you. You just have to watch the spinning of the reels, rejoicing at the resulting combinations. Bonus will not apply to your tactics, but remember that the bonus game is the most profitable thing in The Dog House Megaways. As such, you should aim to activate as many of these games as possible, saving your bankroll and trying to play long, counting on at least 100-150 spins.

Free Sticky Wilds Spins

Depending on how many new Scatters you get, which are in the form of paw prints, you'll trigger a feature that gives you a cool bonus. The more Scatter you get, the more free freespins and sticky wilds you get on each reel. To make it even more interesting for players, the developers from Pragmatic decided to add cool multipliers. Now every time a Wild with any value falls during the freespins, a multiplier of x1, x2, or x3 is activated, then it becomes sticky and stays on them until the end of the option.

Free Raining Wilds Spins

If you select the Raining Wilds Free Spins option, you will also receive increased free spins and raining wilds on your spins if you roll 3 to 6 scatters. They too give multipliers of x1, x2, x3, but don't stay until the spins end, working only one round.

Purchased bonuses

You don't have to wait for bonuses to trigger randomly on the site, you can trigger them yourself at any time. To do this, go to options and make a purchase, which will be worth as much as the current amount of 100 spins.

The Dog House Megaways strategy game

The most commonly used strategy for gambling is Martingale. This tactic represents the principle of equal chances, because no matter how long the black line is, sooner or later it will be interrupted and a white one will begin. Adhering to this tactic after each loss your bet should be doubled, then you bet in expectation of victory. Failed - then you do it again. To work the strategy will need to have a large bankroll, but even so not always in Dog House Megaways it can work. Step bets in the slot depends on two parameters - the number of coins and their face value, so you can not always set the exact value of the bet, which is required by the tactic of Martingale.

Gamblers who are aware of slots Martingale tactics should be aware of the Anti-Martingale or Parlay strategy. It's the exact opposite of the one described above, so the bet goes up not after every pocket, but when you win. The bet is increased by the amount of winnings after the last spin, and after losing it starts from the initial bet. The tactic is great for the classic reels with an uneven betting step, so it is suitable for the slot machine Dog House. It is simply necessary to select in advance the point of return - the amount of winnings, on reaching which the player stops and finishes the game, or starts all over again. In addition, it should be remembered that winnings with odds below or equal to x1 are still considered losses. This tactic allows gamers to plan in advance what they will need to do in different situations, keeping a long distance and not wasting money from the bank too quickly.

The Dog House Megaways game strategies

For those online casino visitors who like to control their bankroll and bets, planning everything in advance, the best approach is a strategy called Umbrella. If you choose it, the gambler before starting the game should plan a scheme from the first to the last bet, scheduling their goal / priorities. This scheme is built on the basis of the amount of free time of the player, the size of his bankroll, style of play (conservative, moderate or aggressive) and the amount he wants to win or not to lose. Therefore, each gambler who decides to use such tactics, makes it individual. Nevertheless, it has constant moments: the game starts with a minimum bet, it increases smoothly up to a predetermined maximum without significant drops, then slowly decreases to a minimum. Try this strategy at The Dog House Megaways, and you'll get great winning dividends.

Good tips for beginners at The Dog House Megaways

Don't forget that in any gambling game, and in The Dog House Megaways, beginners should remember that they have nowhere to rush. You don't want to make big bets, hitting the Start button over and over again without first understanding what the symbols and combinations are, and without learning the standard rules. In order to stay with the money as long as possible, having a great chance of getting a big win, it is worth pushing back on the tips that make experienced gamblers for beginners:

  • Tip #1. Make minimum bets. Often the biggest score awaits in the bonus game, and to activate it you have to wait when the drums appear at once three scatter. It happens whenever - on 15, 48 or 172 spins, it depends solely on your luck. But your bankroll should be enough to wait for this spin, so keep it as long as possible.
  • Tip #2. It is worth calculating your bankroll so that it was at least enough for 100-200 spins. The more of them you make, the higher the probability of reaching the bonus game, snapping up the maximum winnings.
  • Tip #3. Do not forget about the activation of the auto play. Due to the fact that there is no autoplay and other slots options in this machine, feel free to use this option so as not to press the spin button every time. In addition, when choosing a turbo spin it saves you a lot of time.
  • Tip #4. Don't get hung up on one strategy. If you've tried one tactic and it doesn't work for some reason, don't try it again and again, hoping that it will ever work. Pause, apply another strategy, and rush into battle with maximum odds.
  • Tip #5. Control your gambling. Playing The Dog House Megaways with a desire to win back will never be good for you. If you notice that your failures are not going to end, it is better to finish playing right now and come back to the casino a little later. Likewise, you should do the same when you get lucky. If you quickly activated the bonus and increased your deposit, pause and continue after a while, because the probability that the slot will give you a victory after a small period of time - is minimal.