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The Dog House Multihold slot from Pragmatic Play

The great dog collection from casino game developer Pragmatic Play returns for another round of The Dog House with a new option - Multihold! This bonus round can greatly increase your chances of winning in a whole new way. The standard game is practically no different from the original, and even experienced gambling software fans won't notice any difference until they see the new free spins. The 20 payline multihold is more of an update than a full-fledged sequel, but for most gamblers it doesn't matter, as the maximum jackpot is paid out at x9000 of the initial bet. The RTP has been lowered slightly to compensate for this option, but it is still above the industry average, at 96.06%.

Wild tokens will also be seen in the Multihold slot, with x2 or x3 multipliers attached to them. Wild tokens only appear on the second, third or fourth reel, but if multiple tokens appear on the same line at once, their values will add up before being used on your winnings. The real gem of this slot machine is the freespins, where the main reels are squeezed in a corner and extra ones are waiting to be unlocked. In this variation, the Wilds turn into sticky icons, and it remains to unlock all four for a big win.

The Dog House Multihold play free

Also the developers from Pragmatic Play decided to leave the possibility of buying a bonus, which exceeds the usual value up to 100 times. Despite the fact that the Dog House slot, from which everything started, remains a favorite, this update will also find its loyal fans, especially since it can be run in a demo version.

The Dog House Multihold demo

The machine is free to enter and start playing with any bets and lines. In the demo you can take a test of tactics on the minimum and maximum bets. RTP in this option remains at the same level - 96.06%, no one will overestimate it in order to lure you for free winnings and bonuses. This is a high characteristic among similar machines. With slot machine can handle even a newcomer to the gambling industry, which is not so long ago came to the casino. Demo system is great, and to get the winnings you need to see three or more of the same value on the roulette wheel.

The game is suitable for all modern casino players due to its advanced graphics and pleasant visual design. Game mechanics works perfectly without errors and shows brilliant performance. In case several symbols appear on the screen in a row - you get a gift. In the demo version of the online casino The Dog House Multihold all the tokens are exactly the same as in the standard slot for real money. All principles and mechanisms work exactly the same, you will not see any differences. It's similar to Big Bonanza, and the privacy policy allows you to play in big live time.

Game The Dog House Multihold slot for real money

If you somehow missed the first part of the slot, you can run any other - they are identical, due to which you won't lose anything. That's great, because our four-legged friends are cute enough to try walking them again. Wild tokens with x2 and x2 multipliers might remind you of other slots like Buffalo King by Pragmatic Play, but this game has distinct advantages in that they become sticky during the bonus round. Sticky Wild rounds will benefit you for years to come, as they can be used to make huge winnings in the machines. Let's find out if The Dog House Multihold is going to follow this trend.

The blue dog with big eyes is still the main icon in the casino payout table, however its value has been reduced, now it will bring you x25 of the bet value when you get five of the same pictures. The pink dog will now bring you x17.5, and the yellow and blue pug will respectively bring you x12.5 and x7.5 of your bet. Smaller payouts in the form of a collar and dice will bring you x5 and x3.75 for a filled line. Regarding the lowest paying pictures are cards, ace and king will give you an increase of x2.5, and queen, jack and ten will offer you x1.25 for the combination. If you like betting, with the bet selection system you can click on the plus/minus buttons, then a small window will open with three controls to select the coins per line, its denomination and total bet. This will allow full flexibility between the minimum and maximum bet allowed of €0.20 and €100.00 respectively.

Slot Overview

Earn up to three symbols on the first win, third and fifth reel to activate 7 freespins, which will also bring the trigger value to x2. Once the freespins begin, players will move to a new screen with four 5x3 reels. At the start of the free spins, only the top left grid is involved in the game. During the free spins all bonus tokens that appear in the field of view are collected in the next game grid. Each time 3 pictures fall out, another grid opens - players start with the top left corner, then unlock the top right, the bottom left and finally the bottom right. These icons can only land on the last set of reels.

Every time a new casino grid is opened, a +1, 2 or 3 extra spins are randomly awarded. Any wild tokens that land on the last eliminated set of reels will be sticky for the duration of the spins. Each time a new set of reels appears, it starts with all active Wild symbols from the previous grid. If two new sets are unlocked at the same time, extra spins will be awarded twice, and both grids will copy the Wild pictures from the previous grid.

Players in eligible games regions can go straight to action with the opportunity to buy free spins, with 3 bonus icons guaranteed to drop for 100 times the bet, triggering 7 free spins. Based on the version with an RTP of 96.06%, the RTP increases slightly to 96.08% when buying free spins. The maximum winnings available in The Dog House Multihold is 9000 bets. If the amount of one game round exceeds this value, the game round ends and a 9000 wager is awarded.

Graphics and interface

The Dog House Multihold review

The Pragmatic Play company became so famous for a reason, a lot of it has to do with the stylish and colorful design of casino slots, and The Dog House Multihold is among them. Casino in a slot dedicated to dogs will take place against the backdrop of a country courtyard. Roulette is located in the center, and underneath is a control panel. Graphics are the undoubted trump card of the slot, just look at the quality drawing of the dogs' faces and you will immediately be visited by a smile. They all have their own style and personality, the designers did a great job. When rotating the drum you will be surrounded by four-legged pets. Immerse yourself in the game mechanics thanks to quality animation.

Each themed symbol has its own animation, which will play when the picture becomes part of a winning combo. Pictures by value are divided into different groups: low-paying, medium and high value pictures of dogs. Separately, we should talk about the pleasant soundtrack, with an interesting melody that will not distract you from the gameplay. There is even a dog barking among the sounds to increase realism. If you're not happy with it, turn it off in the settings at any time.

Symbols and Wins

Dog House is a curious and uncomplicated slot. At first you might think it's for kids, but don't be fooled by its colorful artwork - you'll be surprised by its high volatility and excellent RTP. This game about dogs is available on any casino emulators, and bright and interesting graphics will remind favorite cartoons free spin from childhood.

Symbols 3 4 5 6
10, J 0,1 0,2 0,4 1
Q, K, A 0,2 0,4 0,6 2
The Bone, Collar 0,3 0,8 1 3
Dachshund 0,1 1 1,5 3
Pug 0,7 1,5 2 4
Shih Tzu 1 2 3 6
Rottweiler 1 4 6 15

Bonus features

Casino will be played with several roulette sets, but only the first one will be available at the beginning of the feature. Collect a few more scatters during freespins to unlock the next set, but they will only appear on the remaining matrix released before this one. All Wild pictures appearing on the last matrix will become wild during this option, and they will also appear on the next matrix. The basic idea is that when you reach the last reel, you should already have a pretty big chunk of the field covered with slot jokers. The sooner you click on them, the more lucrative your bonus round will be, as they will move to other matrices. Your counter will go up by one, two or three extra spins when you open them. However, you can try to unlock more while playing the demo. It won't give that much value, huge winnings will go when you get even a few Wild icons.

Free Spins

With the game Free Spins you can get a bunch of bonuses and increase your bankroll significantly. They are activated when you get scatter symbols, depending on their value. In addition, if you do not want to wait for them, you can always buy them manually.

Purchase Bonuses

Pragmatic Play is aware of how its fans love to buy the bonus, and The Dog House Multihold will not disappoint you. To buy a set of freespins, you'll need to pay x100 of your regular bet. Considering the huge potential thanks to this feature, this is a fair value bonus. Remember that you are in for a very exciting round!

The Dog House Multihold play without registration

Try to play in practice mode with virtual coins or bet with real money? If you have long been on the lookout for an interesting casual machine that you can go whenever you want, just run the demo version. Does this work for you? Go right now to the site to run the game by registering and making a deposit on the same portal. The bonus game here is quite simple, not for nothing the provider is so loved by players who are into gambling software for gambling.

The Dog House Multihold play without registration

The casino games in the gambling machines have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of Dog House is the ability to win big money without spending much. You will not need to look for an offline institution, just download the mobile application, and come in exactly when you need it. There are no restrictions for free play, so you won't need to spend money on betting. The same percentage of theoretical payout for the player is exactly the same.

The main drawback of the free spins is that it is not possible to withdraw the winning combination. If you want to start winning as much as possible, you have to start now - try the practice mode to understand all the secret techniques. The Dog House Multihold has long rounds, so you need to bankroll at least x100x200 on the bet. If you want to have fun and play something interesting, you should log in to the casino and run an interesting machine from the developer Pragmatic Play!

Features of The Dog House Multihold

The main features of The Dog House, in case you enjoy The Dog House Multihold - you won't notice a significant difference. For example, the RTP is slightly different, but the winnings potential has been increased, so all players have to decide for themselves what to play. The differences can be seen during the free spins round, where you now have four sets of reels to unlock and create wild symbols. It might be confusing at first why some game jokers stick and others don't, especially if you get extra nets early on, but you get the point pretty quickly, and it's all explained in the game information. It's all reminiscent of Gorilla Gold Megaways, along with a lot of other slots, because four reels seemed really popular in 2021, so it will be interesting to see if the same reception works out now. Regardless, things definitely improve when things start unlocking and the jokers start sticking - and, if you're lucky, earn winnings up to 9,000 times your bet, which is higher than the original, but lower than in The Dog House Megaways.